Continuum Physical Therapy News

New Fax Number

We have a new dedicated fax number  – (207) 593-7149. We will keep and continue to use our existing number, (207) 213-1075, but found that, for reasons completely beyond our control, the MaineHealth fax system was unable to reliably send faxes to our original fax number. After working extensively to work out a solution, we decided to simply add another fax line so that we do not risk missing a communication. We have tested this new line and it works perfectly to receive faxes from all of our referring physicians, including those employed by MaineHealth.

Posted on Thursday March 19, 2015

You can still get stronger!

Many of the clients we see in our practice assume that they are “too old” to build strength through exercise. Interestingly, many of the people who tell us this are not old at all. There is a growing body of research that proves that while it is true that younger adults build strength a little more quickly, we can keep adding strength well into our later years. One example can be found at

If you have questions about how best to build strength in your body, give us a call, send an email, or stop in to ask. You can do it and we’d love to help.

Posted on Wednesday March 18, 2015

Welcome, Gwen Maddox, DPT!

Dr. Gwen Maddox joined Continuum in June of 2014 as a Physical Therapist upon graduation from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Husson University. Gwen recently passed her licensing exam with one of the highest scores we’ve ever heard of (785 out of 800 possible points). A native of midcoast Maine, Gwen brings a variety of clinical experiences with her to our team. We are all thrilled to have her here!

Posted on Tuesday August 26, 2014

A new knee ligament!

For orthopedic nerds like us at Continuum, the discovery of a previously unknown ligament in the knee is simply amazing. The “anterolateral ligament,” or “ALL” for short, was first postulated in 1879 by a French surgeon, but not shown clearly until this year by some Belgian researchers.

A quick web search for “new knee ligament” will yield several sources for you to look at… or you can just click

Posted on Friday November 8, 2013

Welcome Jessica Daggett, Physical Therapist Assistant!

Our Continuum PT family continues to grow!  We are very pleased to welcome Jessica Daggett, PTA, to our staff.  Jessica joined us as of May 1, 2013 and brings with her a wealth of experience in outpatient Physical Therapy.

Jessica specializes in manual therapy treatment techniques, including Mulligan mobilization, strain/counter-strain, and cranio-sacral techniques.  She most enjoys working with patients with shoulder dysfunction, but truly enjoys all aspects of outpatient care.

Jessica will be working directly with Michael, Kim, and Sam to help all of our patients heal faster and get back to the things they love.

Please stop in to say hello, have a cup of coffee or tea, and welcome Jessica.

Posted on Thursday May 16, 2013