Monthly Archives: March 2015

New Fax Number

We have a new dedicated fax number  – (207) 593-7149. We will keep and continue to use our existing number, (207) 213-1075, but found that, for reasons completely beyond our control, the MaineHealth fax system was unable to reliably send faxes to our original fax number. After working extensively to work out a solution, we decided to simply add another fax line so that we do not risk missing a communication. We have tested this new line and it works perfectly to receive faxes from all of our referring physicians, including those employed by MaineHealth.

Posted on Thursday March 19, 2015

You can still get stronger!

Many of the clients we see in our practice assume that they are “too old” to build strength through exercise. Interestingly, many of the people who tell us this are not old at all. There is a growing body of research that proves that while it is true that younger adults build strength a little more quickly, we can keep adding strength well into our later years. One example can be found at

If you have questions about how best to build strength in your body, give us a call, send an email, or stop in to ask. You can do it and we’d love to help.

Posted on Wednesday March 18, 2015